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Match an Internet and Phone Bundle to suit your requirements.
Better Telecom understands that every Business phone and Internet setup has different requirements. This is why we have created an additional bundle option where you can mix and match the Internet connection and phone plan to suit your requirements. For these plans you must be a registered business with an ABN to qualify for service.
STEP 1: Select Your Internet Location
ON-NET - City / Metro Area

STEP 2: Add on your selected phone plan

Beware of cheap Internet providers!
You may have received discounted pricing from other competitors. Some cheaper products in the market are often over-subscribed. This means you may not receive the quality of speed you deserve!

Need More Reasons to Switch?
• High Speed ADSL 2+
• Special bundled discount
• 12 or 24 Month Agreement
• Unlimited Data Plan

Bundled Pricing*
If you bundle your ADSL service with your
Installation Fees:
• Better Telecom On Net $Free
• Transfer/fast Churn $39.00
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