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How to fix and speed up your Windows PC
I have spent years helping people fix their PC and charging as much as $300 an hour to do what you can easily do yourself. So here it is what I currently do.. You can steal this info and make money fixing your friends PC’s or just fix your own.

Note: This has been tested on Windows XP, Window’s Vista, Windows 7 & 8 only.

  1. Uninstall any Anti-Virus Software unless it’s AVG. Then download the latest version here (Just install, Update and scan everything)
  2. Install the free version of this: (Install, Run Deep Care, click scan wait and then click Repair)
  3. Use the UNINSTALLER installed with step 2 above and remove all and any software that you no longer need or use. The aim is to get rid of anything you don’t use and it will make a huge difference. This includes toolbars etc.
  4. Update drivers with download install and update. Free version lets you update 2 drivers a day. I found this so good I pay for a licence every year.
  5. Check what software updates (Non Microsoft) you need by downloading this update checker (It will bring up a list for you to simply download and run to install. Includes Flash, PDF etc..)
  6. If you think the system is still infected with spyware and rubbish use this free tool
  7. Always make sure you are using original Microsoft products. If in doubt we sell all range of Microsoft products in our online shop. You should also look to back up your important data. Many free cloud backup options exist. We use and suggest who give you 10GB of online storage FREE.