BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Better Telecom Mega Bundles 3 & 4 includes calls to the following destinations:

Mega Bundle 3 International destinations

Mega Bundle 4 International destinations

All Better Telecom Mega Bundles are covered by a 24-month agreement. If service is cancelled/terminated within 24 month the early termination fee of $299 applies.

Minimum cost of agreement over 24 months excluding excess calls is: Mega-bundle 1=$1918.80, Mega-bundle 2=$2038.80, Mega-bundle 3=$2158.80 and Mega-bundle 4=$2398.80. 500GB of data is included in the monthly access fee. If you exceed your data usage excess data charges of $4/GB apply. Additional data upgrade units can be purchased for $22 per 20GB. Downloads and uploads will count towards your usage.